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Hollywood Burger Bar Name: Hollywood Burger Bar
Phone: 503-288-6422
4211 NE Sandy Blvd.
Cuisine: American
Order Time: Breakfast: 07 : 30 - 11 : 00
Lunch: 07 : 30 - 17 : 00
Description: Established in 1954. The historic building was built in 1922(and actually predates the Hollywood Theater by 4 years) as a trolley stop and ticket station. It became a beauty salon in the late '20's, a laundry/dry cleaner in 1930, an ice cream & sandwich shop in 1937, and finally, Hollywood Burger Bar in 1954. The business went through about 8-10 owners from '54-'89, when it was purchased by Inka and Craig Elliott, who built up the business for the last 21 years. It was sold on 7/1/10 by the Elliotts , who were enjoying the early stages of their retirement. Effective 7/1/11, the business was taken back over by the Elliotts, continued to run it until 9/30/2013, when it was purchased by the current owner. Inka and Caig are enjoying their retirement now and becoming the royal customers of Hollywood burger bar!

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